Our Senior Does

We started with several RG does and have worked our way up to some nice registered nubians and purchased a few purebreds along the way. We love the long ears and the unique personalities of the Nubians. They can all be stubborn at times but that is why they fit with our family so well.


Victory Meadows Silver Lady


2012 PB Nubian

G6S Normal

Sire: * B Goldthwaite Ambrico V+V FS86

    SS: ++B Goldthwaite Bon Rico VEV FS88

    SD: SGCH Goldthwaite Ambrosia 8*M EEEE FS91

 Dam: Victory Meadows Frosty Lady

     DS: ++*B SG Goldthwaite Bootonniere VEE FS90

    DD: SG Goldthwaite Painted Lady VVVV FS88

We pulled Lady into our herd when we retired Gloria.  Kenzie wanted another adult doe to show and we found her the perfect match.  From a red roan to a blue roan, Kenzie is ready to keep showing these Nubians to the top.  With some excellent genetics that we haven't used previously, we expect to see some great things.

However, she blessed us with two very lovely bucks on her freshening in November.  We will try again and hopefully have her full swing show mode in 2018.  She blessed with triplet does in 2018 and we couldn't be more pleased.  We plan to keep two of them and one will be available for another herd.


Akin Hills Tooka 3*M

2013 PB Doe

G6S Normal

LA @ 2-03  VV+V FS85

1 restricted leg

Sire: Dorsey Lane GD Tazer VVV FS87

    SS: +*B Kastedemur's Good Deed EEV FS90

    SD: Easy Stream Tulsa FS90 VEVE

Dam: SG The Wagoner's Farm Truffles VEEV FS90

    DS: SGCH Goldthwaite Black Wizard

    DD: SG Riverside Ranch L O Gypsy FS 90 EEEV

Tooka showed dry for 2014 and we look forward to breeding her to our Kastdemur son.  Tooka received her dry leg in June of 2014 at the SMDGA Quad Doe Show in Springfield MO. 

Tooka freshened with a nice FF udder and produced a good amount of milk.  We are pleased and will continue to watch this doe mature. Tooka has continued to do well for us. 

Her 2016 doeling won her dry leg and was Best in Show at the Heart of Oklahoma Youth Show as well as Best in Show at the OKC State Fair youth show.  Very pleased with this doe and her offspring.

In 2017, we have another buck doe set from her and though they were late, I expect they should do well.  They are Octavian babies and we are super excited!!!

Tooka 1 week fresh

Lucke H Lil Tootsie

2013 PB Doe

G6S Normal

LA @ 3-03  VVVV FS 87

Sire: *B CH Hedge Hollow VH Action Hero

    SS: *B Pella's Triple C Peachvelocity

    SD: Hedge Hollow Halo 2*M FS 84 +VV+

Dam: Lucke H Saphiras Silver

    DS: *B Hills Acres Gdyr Dreamer

    DD: Lucke H Sapphire 2*M

Toots is a sweet doe with those colorful moon spots. She has good dairy character and is a general appearance type of doe. In her youth shows, she has received a Reserve Breed Champion Nubian at the Adair County Fair and placed 2nd to her herdmate, Gloria at the Oklahoma State Fair. She won our first ADGA rosette as Res Grand at Arkansas State Spring Show. She remained dry in 2014 and continues to place in the top of the classes she shows in.

Toots has given us another daughter in 2016 and 2017.  Both are a spitting image of their dam and we are excited.  Toots has done well in 2017 with multiple RCH wins in good competition.  She may just need one more year.

Cherry Tree Princess Belle
2013 AM Doe
G6S Normal

Sire: Marmalade Cyclone +++FS81
       SS:  *B Tecosa Storm Abrewin +V+FS82
       SD: Aja-Sammati Apriot Strudel +V+V FS85
Dam: The YLB Midnight

        DS: Christie's Jeremiah
        DD: The YLB Kelly VEE+ FS86

Belle is another reason we love those Cy daughter udders.  She is still small for her age and we had little hope she would be a show girl.  With age, she is blossoming and her nice FF udder is just what we want to see in our herd.  We have decided to give her a little more time with us before we make any rash decisions.  And she is a Kelly grand daughter so we really love those genetics.  Either way she is likely to stay in our herd, even if she is just a brood doe for us.  She is so deep and her udder has our ideal look to it.

Cherry Tree Have Faith

2014 PB Nubian

G6S Normal


Sire: +* B Kastdemur's Good Deed (littermate to Temerity  2008/2009 Nat'l Champion)

        SS:++B Sweet Harvest Show Time VVV FS85

        SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Audacity 4*M EVEE FS91

Dam: Lucke H Morning Gloria +V+V FS84

        DS: *B Hedge Hollow Maximillion

        DD: Lucke H Jewel

One of our favorite 2014 doelings is Faith.  We waited for her with faith this AI breeding would work and we would have our doeling and buckling to add to our herd.  It worked and we are so happy.  Kenzie is ready to see where these two take her in the upcoming show season.

Faith has placed multiple times first in her class including being chosen as the second dairy doe at our county fair for premium.  This little doe has made Kenzie some money which she is wisely spending on semen.  Oh the things that make farm kids happy!

Faith gave us two bucklings on her first freshening but in her second she was AI bred and gave us a gorgeous single doe, rightfully named Have Courage.


Akin Hills BT Tittle-Tattle

2014 PB Doe


G6S Normal

Sire: Akin Hills CB Borrowed Time

    SS: Narrow Chance Copper Breeze FS87 VVV

    SD: SG Akin Hills HJ Bijou FS90 VEEE

Dam: SG Akin CB Hills Tic-Tac FS89 VEVE

    DS: Narrow Chance Copper Breeze FS87 VVV

    DD: SG Akin Hills MMF Tie-Dye FS90 VEEE

We just happened upon Tattle and a herd mate from a friend.  We have always admired this doe as well as her dam and feel fortunate we get to own her.  She has been in a few homes all with friends/breeders we know and we are hoping she is happy to get to end up in ours.  She is a bit shy and traveling isn't her favorite thing to do.  Bri is excited to have a "grown-up" milker and we hope the two of them can work together to do great things.

The appraiser was very impressed with her, except for her previous udder damage from being precocious.  It dropped her appraisal but she is an excellent brood doe and her first doe on our farm placed 14th at the 2018 National show.


SG Sunrising MM Mikami 4*M

2014 PB Doe

G6S Normal

LA @ 1-02  ++V+ FS82

Sire: *B Deep Creek Mystery Machine

    SS: *B Woest-Hoeve Mystery Man FS90 VEE

    SD: SGCH Evergreen Pines Emceega 2*M FS91 EEEE

Dam: SG Sunrising RS Maunganui 3*M FS84 +VV+

    DS: *B Hoanbu Status Rsiing Sun FS86VVV

    DD: SG Sunrising Tristan Montague 2*M FS83 +VE+

Mikami is the herdmate to Tattle and we are pleased we were able to pick these two girls up together.  Kami was originally from the Sunrise Farms herd where her sister has achieved Elite Doe status in 2017.  Kami is fitting in well at our farm.  Check out our planned breedings to see if you may be interested in one of these babies.


Cherry Tree Briteliteatnite

G6S Normal

2015 American Nubian 


Sire:Cherry Tree Elvis is Here
        SS: +*B Kastdemur's Good Deed  FS90 (EEV )         (littermate to Temerity, 2008/2009 Nat'l Champion)
       SD: Lucke H Morning Gloria

Dam: Cherry Tree Cici

        DS: Marmalade Cyclone

        DD: The Osborne's Ivy

Brite's Dam was BJrDIS at Tulsa State Fair 2014 open show. Brite won Reserve Grand Nubian at Tulsa State Fair 2015. We hope this becomes a genetic habit. We love her length throughout.  She will freshen in 2018 and is looking phenomenal with width and strength galore.  Can hardly what to see what she can produce and get her back in the show ring.


Cherry Tree Dasta

2016 Am Nubian

Sire: Hedge Hollow Maverick

  SS: *B CH Hoanbu PS Eye of the Storm VV+ FS85

  SD: Hedge Hollow Zsa Zsa Galore VVEV FS88

 Dam: Cherry Tree Cici

 DS: Marmalade Cyclone

  DD: The Osborne's Ivy

Dasta is a great combination of Cici and Maverick.  We have loved all of Mav's babies and she is no exception.  Beautiful breed character and lovely length coupled with an easy to milk and nice to view udder makes her a keeper in our herd. 

She places well as a yearling but will need a few more years to compete with the older girls.  Best thing about her, she loves Brianna!!!


Cherry Tree Velvet Rose

2016 PB Nubian

G6S Normal

Sire: Hedge Hollow Maverick

  SS: *B CH Hoanbu PS Eye of the Storm VV+ FS85

  SD: Hedge Hollow Zsa Zsa Galore VVEV FS88

Dam: Akin Hills TZ Tooka 3*M VV+V FS85
    DS: Dorsey Lane GD Tazer VVV FS87
    DD: SG The Wagoner's Farm Truffles 2*M VEEV FS90

Rose has been a keeper since she hit the ground.  She was a looker from the beginning and she didn't disappoint.  She was shown as a junior and was Champion jr Nubian and Best Jr Doe in Show at the ADGA Youth Show for Heart of Oklahoma in Norman.  She then went on the be named Nubian Jr Champion at the Ok State Fair and Best Jr Doe in Show for the youth show.  She was not shown at any others shows.

She is now bred to freshen as a 2yo and it looks like we can expect great things.  She will have Octavian babies for us early spring.