Lucke H Morning Gloria

2013 PB Doe

G6S Normal

LA 2-03 +V+V 84 

1 leg

Sire: *B Hedge Hollow Maximillion

    SS: Reuel Samiel's Mic Samson

    SD: Hedge Hollow Amazing Grace

Dam: Lucke H Jewel

    DS: *B CH Hedge Hollow VH Action Hero

    DD: Lucke H Jazz

Gloria has shown promise in the shows as a kid and a yearling milker. The girls are showing youth shows and starting with the open shows. She received 3 reserve breed champion nubian jr doe placings at Tulsa State Fair and Oklahoma State Fair.  She is a big body capacity doe with a nice slope and pretty neck. 

As a yearling first freshener, Gloria won Grand Dairy Doe at Adair County Fair, Grand Champion Sr Nubian Youth Show at Tulsa State Fair and Oklahoma State Fair, 1st place milking yearling at Oklahoma State Fair Open Show, SMDGA Quad Doe Show, and Arkansas State Spring Show.

We retained triplet doelings from the 2015 breeding to Tut.  In 2015, Gloria was Res Grand AOP at the Heart of Oklahoma Youth Sr Doe Show with over 20 does showing, winning her first milking leg.  As well in 2015, she was Best Sr Doe in Show at the Oklahoma State Fair Youth Show and second place 2yo in the open show with a line up of 7 does.

In 2016, Gloria gave us quads, 2 bucks and 2 does.  The bucks went to work on other farms but the does have stayed with us, both doing very well.  In 2017, she delivered quads again with the same 2 does and 2 bucks.  This girl is prolific and will now stay at home as she hates to travel and hates to be in strange places.


Cherry Tree Glimmer

2016 PB Nubian

G6S Normal

Sire: Hedge Hollow Maverick

  SS: *B CH Hoanbu PS Eye of the Storm VV+ FS85

  SD: Hedge Hollow Zsa Zsa Galore VVEV FS88
Dam: Hedge Hollow Lil Tootsie VVVV FS87

    DS: *B CH Hedge Hollow VH Action Hero
    DD: Lucke H Saphiras Silver

Just like her dam, Glimmer is a nice long level doe with great general appearance and a smooth wide level topline.  She has grown and matured nicely. As always, Tootsie blesses us with some color as well.


Cherry Tree Unique Boutique

2014 75% RG Nubian

1 restricted leg

Sire: Marmalade Cyclone

Dam: The Osborne's Hattie

Bo is turning into a nice little doeling and  was Grand Recorded Grade Jr doe and received her dry leg at only 2 months old.  Looking forward to watching her grow.

Bo will be dry in 2015 and start back in the shows in 2016.