Milked out for BIS

CH The YLB Hot Cocoa

2010 50% RG Nubian

LA EEVV FS89 @5-01

Sire: Hedge Hollow Ace High Storm

  SS: Goldthwaite Desi's Acalade

  SD: Hedge Hollow Storm

Dam: Grade Doe (3/4 nubian, 1/4 alpine)

  DS: Hedge Hollow Brando



A beautiful black and tan doe from Goldthwaithe and Hedge Hollow lines. We milked her for the first time as a 5yo.  A learning process for all of us. We have retained a daughter from Marmalade Cyclone, who easily won her dry leg and Best in Show.  Also we now have a daughter of hers out of CH Capri Blanc American Ride (Saanen) making our first Experimental Grade on the farm.

Hot Cocoa completed her second year of showing in style winning 4 times Grand and 4x BOB at the Heart of Oklahoma Dairy Goat Show successfully becoming our first permanent champion.


SGCH Cherry Tree Elliot

2014 75% RG Doe


G6S Normal

Sire: Marmalade Cyclone FS82 +V+

    SS: Tecosa Storm Abrewin

    SD: Aja-Sammati Apriot Strudel FS85 +V+V

Dam: The YLB Kelly  FS86 VEE+

    DS: Christie's Jerimiah

Elliot freshened as a yearling with a fabulous udder, high and wide and nicely attached.  She had a yearling score of 85, which the appraiser commented he doesn't give very often.  We sold both her doeling and buckling but look forward to watching her mature on our farm.

In 2016, Elliot continues to impress making her way to the grand line up many times but still a bit immature to pull off the big win. She was RGCH at the Arbuckle Classic and we have loved her style always.  Her 2015 American Nubian daughter received her dry leg this year and is just stunning.  However she only gave us two boys so we still don't have a daughter in our herd. 


Cherry Tree La Fancy Girl

2015 75% RG Nubian

1 restricted leg

Sire: Marmalade Cyclone FS82 +V+

  SS: Tecosa Storm Abrewin

  SD: Aja-Sammati Apriot Strudel FS85 +V+V

Dam: CH The YLB Hot Cocoa FS89EEVV

    DS: Hedge Hollow Ace High Storm 

    DD: Grade Doe (3/4 nubian, 1/4 alpine)


La Fancy is a stylish girl with size and strength.  She is long and level and has a nice wide flat thurl on her much like her dam.  We are more impressed every year with her.  Her udder has always been high and tightly attached and we can hardly wait to get her back into the show ring this year.  She has not been shown much since she was a junior kid and was grand RG and then Best Jr Doe in Show at Heart of Oklahoma in 2015.