We are always excited to have some recorded grades in our program. They allow us to adjust our breeding program and also give us the freedom to breed traits that fit well together instead of just straight breeds. We started out with recorded grades as our first show goats so chances are good they will always be special to us.


Cherry Tree Emerald Charm

2016 50% RG Alpine

Sire: Maple Wind Charming Finn

      SS: +*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer FS89 VEV             (2014/2016 National Premier Sire)

      SD: SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharoah Fiction 3*M FS 90             VEVE

Dam: The Cherry Tree Black Velvet (NOA)

Emmy was a pair of twin does and just really stood out with style although she was never the bigger of the two.  She has been a slow maturing doe but each time we shave her off and see what is under that fur, we are pleasantly surprised. Emmy will show dry in the spring but we hope to kid out her in the fall.  Emmy did win her class but lost her leg due to a tattoo issue.  Following that she was RCH several times but not CH again.


Cherry Tree X's and O's

2017 50% RG Lamancha

1 leg (restricted)

Sire: Southlake Peso

  SS: *B Agape Goats PD the New Guy

  SD: SGCH Harmony Goats Brown Sugar 2*M FS90 VEEE (ELITE doe)

Dam: Sparkle-grade LM doe

O's was one of our early babies of the year and a 2 year wait to get a doe out of Sparkle, a grade doe from a commercial dairy.  She is just so long and angular and wide.  And again, Grace is just in love with the Lamanchas no matter what papers they come with.

As a dry yearling, O's took the stage.  Her first show/ring our she won GCH RG junior which was super.  We pulled her from the remaining season and went to the 2018 ADGA National Sow where she was selected in a large senior yearling class as the 19th place RG junior.  We were ecstatic.


Cherry Tree Cookies and Cream

2017 50% RG Lamancha

1 leg (restricted)

Sire: Southlake Peso

  SS: *B Agape Goats PD the New Guy

  SD: SGCH Harmony Goats Brown Sugar 2*M FS90 VEEE (ELITE doe)

Dam: The Cherry Tree Poco Loco (NOA)

Cookie is a spitting image of her 1/2 sister O's and it seems Peso is stamping all his kids with length, upstandingness and a great dairy style.  We look forward to showing Cookie as dry yearling in 2018

As a dry yearling, Cookie was outstanding winning multiple RCH and a GCH followed by Best In Show.  She made another performance at the 2018 ADGA National Show where she placed 13th in a large competitive class of senior yearlings.


Cherry Tree Hot Ride

2018 50% Saanen 37.5% Nubian RG Experimental

1 restricted leg

Sire: CH Capri Blanc American Ride



Dam: CH The YLB Hot Cocoa FS89EEVV

 DS: Hedge Hollow Ace High Storm 

DD: Grade Doe (3/4 nubian, 1/4 alpine)


Rye, as we fondly call her, has stole our hearts.  She is by far Kate's favorite baby this year and has grown like a horse.  She is long and wide with great spring of rib and width and openness.  She placed 6th in the senior kid class at the 2018 ADGA National Show and was 1st place youth, standing in the middle of the line for premier youth recorded grade junior doe. What an accomplishment for this doe and her young owner.

And as you can see by the picture, she is not only lovely but a great big ham!!!  We should have named her joker as she is constantly making us laugh.