Cherry Tree Milking Team

Here at Cherry Tree Farm we are a small family operated business that started at the bottom.  We began with primarily RG does and have used bucks to breed our herd up to what they are today.  We have began purchasing a few Reg Nubian does and are very happy with the improvement they have brought to our small herd.  Check out our pages and see if you find anything to stimulate you to start your journey in the goat world.

We compete in ADGA shows and participate in the Linear Appraisal program and DHI.  All are very beneficial in directing our decision to improve the quality of our milking herd. We served as a host herd in 2014 and had a great time.  It was extremely educational thanks to a great appraiser. So wonderful we did it again in 2015 and will host 2 additional herds in 2016.