We have branched out into Lamanchas in 2016 for Grace and she is having a ball having her own breed to show. Grace and the Lamanchas go great together. There personalities just click. And we are having lots of fun with the new breed.


SG J & R Lamanchas Storm

2014 PB Lamancha


Sire: SGCH +*B Kastdemur's Voss FS88 VEE (2016/2017 Elite Sire)

    SS: +*B SGCH Kastdemur's Landslide FS 92 EEE

    SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M FS 94 EEEE (2006 Res         Nat'l Champion, 2008 Nat'l Champion and Res Udder,         2009 Nat'l Champion and Udder)

Dam: SG Tempo Susan 6*M FS 89 VE+E

    DS:  ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's Vigilante News FS 90VEE

     DD: SGCH Temp Hanna 5*M FS 91 EEEV

Storm was brought to us at a show and we gladly took her home to help grow Grace's Lamancha herd.  She has some genetics that pack quite a punch and are hoping for some doe kids this coming year.  She milked well and was easy for Grace to show.  As soon as she gets her technique down, Storm will rock the show ring as well.


Folly Farm Flight of Fancy FS82 ++VV

2016 PB Lamancha

2 leg (restricted and milking)

Sire: *B Harmony Goats Dough Boy

    SS: *B Agape Goats PD the New Guy

    SD: SGCH Harmony Goats Brown Sugar 2*M FS90 VEEE (ELITE doe)

Dam: 56&Company Twilight Velvet

    DS: CH Peaster Valley's ZZ Fandago FS90 EEE

    DD: Reon Echo Amt Ava's Saari

Fancy has quickly become Grace's favorite.  She is her showmanship doe and has also done quite well for her in the show ring.  She won her dry leg as a yearling early in the year and also went on to compete in youth/open shows at state fairs to try towin some premiums for Grace.  And she did just that.  With several champion ribbons, Fancy ended our show season with Grand Jr Lamancha and Best in Show youth and open at Arkansas Oklaoma State Fair.

As a FF 2yo she has done well for Grace placing mid to top of class.  We have loved watching her develop and her personality is unbeatable. And at her last show of the year she earned her second leg as a FF 2yo winning GCH and BOB at the Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair 2018.