Nubian Herd Sires

As we work to improve our herd, we continually strive to select sires that will enhance the ability of our does to milk and show at levels that are competitive with what is expected for the breed.


Whimsical Kids Octavian

2016 PB Nubian DNA typed

1 leg

G6S Carrier


Sire: CH Whimsical Kids Orlando FS91 EEE

    SS: SG ++*B Goldthwaite MyLiege Othello

    SD: SGCH Whimsical Kids B'Lou Bird FS88 VE+E

Dam: SGCH Whimsical Kids Ella Enchanted 9*M FS91    EEEE

    DS: SGCH *B Goldthwaite Enchantor FS91 EEE

    DD: GCH Whimsical Kids Magdalan 8*M FS89 VEEV

When we first seen this little blue boy and took time to do our research, we were too late to purchase him.  He came back available a month later after a no show and we didn't waste any time getting this boy.  A quick trip to Nebraska by Uncle Paul while we showed at OK State Fair and we were the new owners of Octavian, as he came to be known.

He has the genetics to improve our herd, the look of a Nubian and loads of color behind him.  At the 2016 Fall Frenzy 6 ring buck show with 21 Nubians and 168 bucks total, Octavian was multiple times Jr Champ/Jr Res Champ but ended the show with a whooping Grand Champion Nubian and his first leg toward following the show career of his ancestors.  In 2017 he didn't disappoint.  He topped his class of yearlings in nearly every ring.

A special thanks to Delaney at Whimsical Kids in Nebraska and Uncle Paul for making a last minute drive to pick him up for us.  We couldn't be more excited.

Photo courtesy of Whimsical Kids Nubians
Robinett's Caprines King Tut

Robinett's-Caprines King Tut

2014 PB Nubian DNA typed

G6S carrier



Sire: ++*B Kastdemur's King of the Hill

        (Elite Sire/Nat'l Premier Nubian Sire 2008)

    SS: Brown Sugar Crown Ambassador

    SD: GCH Lassenwood Miller Kiona FS 89 VVEE

Dam: Kastdemur's Integrity FS90 VEEE

        (litter mate to Temerity, 2008/2009 Nat'l Champion)

    DS: Sweet Harvest Showtime

    DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Audacity FS91 EVEE

Tut is a 2014 buck out of Kastdemur's Integrity (litter mate sister to Temerity, 2008 & 2009 National Champion) and sired by Kastdemur's King of the Hill .  We are using Tut to cross back to our Good Deed daughters and grand daughters and are very excited about this addition to our herd.

Tut has added dairy strength and breed character to our herd and we have loved his daughters.  We currently have 6 daughters in our herd and more on the way. 

Photo Courtesy of Robinett's-Caprines
Photo Courtesy of Whimsical Kids Nubians

Whimsical Kids Nikola Tesla

2015 PB Nubian DNA Typed
G6S Normal
2 legs

Sire: CH Whimsical Kids Orlando FS91 EEE

      SS: SG ++*B Goldthwaite MyLiege Othello

      SD: SGCH Whimsical Kids B'Lou Bird FS88 VE+E

Dam: SGCH Whimsical Kids Miss Ayla 4*M FS92 EEEE
        DS:  ++*B SGCH Kismet Marvin Smooth Operator
        DD: GCH Whimsical Kids Miss Ada 3*M FS89 VVVE


Nikola is a very exciting addition to the Nubian herd. If you take a look at his pedigree the best word to describe it is "WOW". He has excellent Appraisal scores top and bottom, all but two goats in his extended pedigree are either SG, CH, GCH or SGCH and he is a grandson of one of the most influential bucks in the history of the breed ++*B SGCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator! Nikola's dam linear appraised EEEE 92 as a 5 year old and his sire appraised EEE 91 at 3 years old. Nikola has excellent breed character, a long level topline, strong feet and legs and plenty of width throughout. We hope to cross him back with our Octavian kids and have some really tightly bred nicely made Nubians in our herd.

We took Nik to the 2018 AGPA Quad show and he won 2x GCH, 2X BOB and 2x RCH.  We are super stoked that this guy could be finished with one more show.  He has put some babies on the ground for us to be proud of!


Robinett's Caprines Herbie

LA 0-2  VV+V

LA 01-02 +V+ FS83

G6S Normal


Sire: Robinett's-Caprines Casper

    SS: Gaither Valley Ghost

    SD: Robinett's Caprines Moonchild FS90 (EEEV)

Dam: Robinett's-Caprines Love Bug FS90 (EEVV) 

    DS: Lakeshore Titan It Up Jack

    DD: CH Robinett's Caprines Loveable FS92 (EEEE)

Herbie comes from a renowned herd known for their large size and good width along with excellent mammary to go along with it.  We are excited to see what Herbie brings to us in the next season of babies.  Review his pedigree and you will find only LA scores of 90 for multiple generations and lots of E rated udders.

We have several Herbie daughters in our herd as well as a friend's herd but a local goat herd was needing some nice genetics to improve their Nubians and we reluctantly made the decision to send Herbie to their farm.  He is to come back as soon as he is done.  He was an asset to our herd.

As of 2018, Herbie is back and bigger and better than ever.  We are excited what the new breeding season holds for us now!

Robinett'sCaprines Herbie

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