Green Country Dairy Goat Show 2017

Green Country Dairy Goat Club will have its second annual show on May 25 and 26, 2018 at the Adair County Fairgrounds in Stilwell, Oklahoma.

Friday will be YOUTH DAY. We will have a senior doe show starting at 9am followed by junior does judged by Grace Toy.  There will be two rings, ADGA sanctioned Youth show judged by Grace Toy and Justin Bassett. Rings will not run simultaneously.  Grace will judge then once complete, Justin will judge. We will start the day with showmanship and end the day with a judging competition.

Saturday will be a double ring ADGA sanctioned show. Seniors will start showing at 9am followed by junior does. Judges for Saturday will be Grace Toy and Justin Bassett. Senior does will show first.  Ring 1 will start with Alpines followed by the Alpines then moving to Ring 2.  Breeds will show in alphabetical order unless changes are needed to keep the show moving in a timely manner.


RV Hooks ups are available at the adjoining park for $20/night.  This is within 1 mile of the fair grounds.  Also, you are allowed to park camper/trailers on the grounds and use a generator if needed.


There are approximately 105 goat pens 4x5 that are 5' tall in the goat barn. There is plenty of room for stands and equipment. There are approximately 105 pig pens that are 5x6 and shorter, about 42 inches, in the swine barn. There is less space in this barn but the pens are newer. Pen fees will be $5 per pen due at check-in and pens are first come first serve basis. There may be some large cattle pens available as well.  Once you have bedded your pens and your goats are comfortable, feel free to come check in and pay entry/pen fees.