Our Meat Herd....

Nearly all of our does were born and raised on our farm. We have purchased a few does along the way but seem to always go back to our own stock when we need to thin things down. We have hardy goats and they are easy to work around and work with. We have breed some Spanish blood into some of our does and are seeing some hybrid vigor and excited to see more babies out of them.

YLB Firecracker

YLB Firecracker is one of our favorite 2013 babies out of Dynamite and our fawn colored doe, Pudding. We would like to put a little more bone on her but otherwise she is beautiful. We are going to breed this cross back to Josie and hope to get some real powerhouse babies.


YLB Isabella is a nice 2013 doeling that was headed to the show pen until she broke her horn at the base.  She looks a little different but it hasn't change her confirmation.  She is nice long bodied doe with good legs.  She is a Dynamite baby out of a doe that has been bred and raised here 6 years ago.