Our Young Alpines working their way to the milk room......



Cherry Tree Galaxy of Time

Am Alpine DOB 04/17

1 leg (restricted)

Sire: *B Golden Delta HSJ Knight Rider

  SS: *B Hull's Sierra's Jasper FS87 VEE

  SD: GCH Strawberry-Fields SFI Johari 4*M

Dam: SG Krause Farms Luna FS88 VEVV

  DS: Magick Circle Jack Dragon (out of SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault VEE FS90)

  DD: Krause Farms Lady (out of CH New Dreams Mat Ratatouille +V+ FS84)

Gally, as we call her, is a spunky little girl.  She has done well but like her daddy, I think she needs time to mature to see her real potential.  She will be deep and long and should have some additional height from her sire and a knock out udder from her dam with a will to milk.

And mature she did!!  Her first show out as a dry yearling, Gally went to win Grand Junior Alpine and then Best Junior Doe in Show at the Arkansas State Spring Fair.  She was left home for spring shows and made her appearance again at Nationals where she caught the judges attention then again at fall State Fairs.  Gally managed to win Grand Junior Alpine at the Oklahoma State Fair in both youth and both open rings.  She then won Grand Alpine in the youth ring at Tulsa State Fair and reserve in the open ring.  And her last show as a dry yearling she was Grand Alpine in the youth and open rings and went on to win Best Jr Doe in Show for the Youth ring


Cherry Tree Bianca

Am Alpine DOB 03/2018

1 leg (restricted)

Sire: *B Maple Wind Charming Finn

  SS: +*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer FS89 VEV (2014/2016 National Premier Sire)

  SD: SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharoah Fiction 3*M FS 90 VEVE

Dam: SG Krause Farms Luna FS88 VEVV

  DS: Magick Circle Jack Dragon (out of SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault VEE FS90)

  DD: Krause Farms Lady (out of CH New Dreams Mat Ratatouille +V+ FS84)

Bianca is another one of our Luna daughters as she establishes her footprint in our alpine herd.  Bianca has done well for Kate and earned her dry leg at GCDGC Show in Stilwell, OK at a few months old.  She is growing just the way we like them and the added color is just icing on the cake for us.  We love to stand out!  As a full sister to Disco 2 years earlier we are super excited to see where she is headed.

Bianca 2 months old at Heart of Oklahoma Show

2018 ADGA National Show

12th place Senior Kid

2nd place Youth Senior Kid


Cherry Tree Gypsy Girl

Am Alpine DOB 02/2018

1 leg (restricted)

Sire: Maple Wind Fortune

  SS: Munchin Hill Aragorn

  SD: SGCH Angel-Prairie Jack Fantome 4*M FS

Dam:  Cherry Tree Disco Star FS84 +++V

  DS: *B Maple Wind Charming Finn

  DD: SG Krause Farms Luna 1*M FS88 VEVV

Gypsy Girl is our first doe where we were able to use our Fortune buck on our Finn daughter to get some nice genetics bleeding through.  I must say it did not disappoint.  Gypsy was for sale with her sister when born as we always keep Luna daughters but after a few weeks we just couldn't part with her.  And I am so glad we didn't. 

At her first National show, Gypsy was 12th place senior kid in a large competitive class.  What an honor to own this doe and to see where she goes as she grows!


Cherry Tree Cadence

Am Alpine DOB 01/2018


Sire: SG +B Lady-K LKWE Ashe-Vegas FS90 VEE

  SS: Lady-K WRCR Whatever FS87 VVV

  SD: SGCH Lady-K SRR Vegas FS92 EEEE

Dam: Krause Farms Dottie 1*M

  DS: Magick Circle Jack Dragon

  DD: Krause Farms Susie    Q

Cadence was  tiny thing when she arrived but we loved her from the start.  She is a second chance for us to have a doe from Dottie.  She has grown well and was only shown once and topped her class.  We appreciate the length and width she carries and hope to see more of it in the future.