Our Alpine Herd is growing.....

We did not know we were getting into Alpines but as the kids began competing they quickly learned it is no fun to just show against your siblings. Some of the kids wanted to branch out into other breeds. So our love for the Alpines started with just two little does.


Maple Wind Fortune

2017 PB Alpine DNA type pending


Sire: Munchin'Hill Aragon

  SS: *B Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph FS88 VVV

  SD: CH Munchin'Hill Antigone FS93 EEEE

Dam: SGCH Angel-Prairie Jack Fantome 4*M

  DS: +B Hoach's PGSS Lumberjack FS87 VEE

  DD: SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharaoh Fiction 3*M FS 90VEVE

Fortune combines the best of the Alpine world with a great opportunity for us to breed back to our Finn daughters in a hope to concentrate the fabulous bloodlines both these boys come out of.  Fortune's dam's dam is Finn's dam, SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharoah Fiction 3M FS90VEVE.  And if we can get a barn full of does that resemble her we know we are headed in the right direction.  If we look on the upper side of this boy's pedigree, we see his sire's dam is CH Munchin'Hill Antigone FS93 EEEE, one of only a few does to every score a 93 on LA.  We have high hopes that the Cherry Tree Alpine herd is on its way to the top.

Fortune daughter placing 12th at the 2018 National Show

Reference Sires


*B Maple Wind Charming Finn

2015 PB Alpine DNA typed



Sire: +*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer FS 89VEV (2 time Nat'l Premier Sire 2014 & 2016)

    SS: ++B Iron Rod ET Sheriff FS86 +VE

    SD: SG Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon 4*M FS91 EEEE

Dam: SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharaoh Fiction 3*M FS 90VEVE

    DS: +*B Cherry Glen Romulus Pharoah

    DD: SG Angel-Prairie RT Fancy Legs 2*M FS91VEVE

Finn was a new addition to our herd in 2015 as we decided to have a live buck available for our alpines.  He was quite a catch as we just stumbled upon him from Maple Wind Caprines.  Finn is the son of 2x Premier Sire, ++*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer FS89 VEV.  Charmer has produced 10 GCH/CH offspring.  Finn’s dam is SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharoah Fiction 3*M FS 90 VEVE.  Fiction was 16th place 3yo at the 2010 National show and was AGS National Champion.  Fiction scored 22 points on her one day milk test.  Two of her daughters have also finished their CH in the Maple Wind herd.

Finn is our primary sire for our alpine herd.

Finn at Ark State Spring Show 2018
Knight Rider
Rider Daughter as a dry yearling 2018

Golden Delta HSJ B Knightrider

2015 Am Alpine DNA typed

FS@2-02 +VV84


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Sire: *B Hull's Sierra's Jasper FS87 VEE

    SS: +*B Redwood Hills Ember Sierra

    SD: GCH Strawberry-Fields SFI Johari 4*M

Dam: Hull's HSTB Black Pearl Bay FS85 +V+V

    DS: *B Hull's Sierra Tango Bravo

    DD: GCH Hull's Just a Breeze 5*M FS91 EEEE

Rider is a nice buckling we picked up in Texas from the Golden Delta herd in 2015.  He has grown into a deep and angular buck and has nice size.  His genetics are outstanding and his dam should earn her milk star this year, making Rider a *B.  Rider will had good depth of heart girth and body capacity to our herd.

Rider was Res Grand Jr Buck at the SMDGA Fall Frenzy Buck show in October 2015.