Cherry Tree Farm

Cherry Tree Farm is located in beautiful northeastern Oklahoma just south of Stilwell. We have 120 acres to allow our animals the freedom to be animals. Our farm is home to 80-120 goats, depending on the time of year, around 10 horses, 1 donkey and a small herd of cows. We also have the usual dogs and cats and chickens but they work for their keep. Three Great Pyrenees guard the herd day and night (and do a fabulous job). We hope you enjoy the site and find something that sparks an interest to start you on a journey that can't compare.....the world of goats.

Our family.....

2018 National Show
Our First BDIS and the kids that work so hard
Our crazy group of show kids trying to stay clean.

Our farm....

Playing follow the leader
Kidding time

Our fun times.....

Grace clipping George for the fair.
Kate and Snowflake
Brianna and one of the babies.
Kenzie and Olive taking care of the babies
Home away from Home with the best Camp Cookie you could ask for, Nana!!